Black Girls Do It Best by Bisa Adero St. Louis Youth Poet Laureate

Black girls make it look good.
From the top twelve most natural ways I learned to use acid fruits to bleach my skin whiter.
To me gazing at a past I had no freedom being in.
To my body gaining lashes that turn to a color far more darker than my skin.
To the hues of our souls that only the sun seemed to love.
To the hot combs, twist out, cornrows, flat irons, oil treatments, weaves, and re-twist that we use and do to keep our roots from growing wild.
To the olive fitted dresses that hug our barked curves.
Damn we look like some strong trees in the making.
Black girls make it look easy.
From the tears we rolled to the back that burn like alcohol on a fresh wound.
To the mothers who could cry me a river and cut it off on cue
to start raising hell.
To the way our bodies swing in the trees.
They realize our bodies don’t flinch while we’re lynched.
To showing society that our heads are up while our babies are six feet below.
To defying gravity while balancing those double d’s and big booties.
To naturally defeating those white girl goals of the kylie jenner challenge.
To keeping the rhythm as we danced on fire.
Black girls rock,
Because we magical.
From the way our curls wine to the possibilities of creating a goddess of no melanin.
From the way our body takes the sun’s energy to make our skin glow gold.
To that sixth sense telling us to wake up in the middle of the night cause our head scarf came off.
To being seventy five when we look thirty.
Go head and say it yassssss!
Black don’t crack.
Black girls are able to move mountains when they need a little push.
And calm the storm when the rain wasn’t enough.
Damn black girls do it best.

Sofia Snow