Vulnerable by Angel Gardner Seattle Youth Poet Laureate

I’m always told to get comfortable.
You, as a carrier of breasts and a uterus.
Need to accept that you will at some point,
Be violated.
Get comfortable with the facts.
Blacks are going to be robbed.
For the culture most favored,
Yet feared for the melanin other lack.
Because difference is nothing short of terror to them.
Box braids that you know damn well are cornrows.
Nigger, porch monkey.
Half breed bitch and other expletives.
Retracted from swollen wallets and big egos.
Offered to you from every privilege protected shadow.
Your people scream out all lives matter.
While I notice that we’re all black when the lights go out.
But only the ones with thick enough skin,
Thank God for that melanin!
Are able to let it stick.
We are the ones chosen to fight the battle,
Of all things ridiculous when it comes to difference.
From caramel and lighter shades.
All the way down to the black,
That floods into even the deepest cracks.
God has blessed me,
I refuse to shame my pigment as if it’s been tainted.

Sofia Snow